Oxfordshire photos of important events 

Here I have posted a few photos of important events in the last 5 and half years during my tenure as Council Representative for my district.

 Old Changing rooms at Croft Road Recreation ground.

 Croft Road Toddlers Play area opened 2005 by Mas Bailey

Petition against T Mobile Phone Mast going up at Cherwell Drive Shopping Center

Demolition work has begun at a rundown Oxford sports pavillion and changing rooms which have stood empty for nearly three years.

These are my supporters for the Oxford City Council election May the 4th 2006.

 From left, Mick Haines and residents and bus-users Clive Couling and Benny Mallaigh (Reference: Latest News in 2009 - on 25 February 2009)

 Outside Croft Road Recreation Ground on protest in 2004

 Street Sports Site opened 2005 by Mas Bailey

Me and John Townsend. My agent just before going to the Town Hall before Oxford City Council Election May 4th 2006.

Opposed: Michael Haines, front, and Bill Munnolly, are angry about Thames Waters's decision to start a sewage relief scheme.

Oxford City election May the 1st 2008 my agent, supporter and myself.


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